Hessian Cloth & Bags

We are capable to manufacture Hessian cloth width from 22” to 52” of various weights ranging from 5 oz to 14 oz/square yard. Mainly used for agricultural and other packing applications.
Hessian Bags are also made customised as per customer's specification.

Sacking Cloth & Bags

Sacking bags, made from own woven jute fabrics, are available as Plain, Double Warp and Twill bags. These are tailored as per customers’ specifications in terms of size and weight to meet the ever increasing demand of jute bags in the farming sector and in agro based industries.
The main Groups are of following use:

  • A-Twill: for packing of Sugar, Spices & others.
  • B-Twill ( Type A & B) : For packing of food grains.
  • Heavy Cees:  for packing of  leaves, spices etc.
  • DW Flour Bags:  for packing of flour, maize etc.

Sacking cloths are also manufactured customised as per customers’ specifications.

Yarn & Twine

We manufacture jute yarn in single and multiple twists. Jute yarn are also manufactured exclusively for export purpose. Overseas carpet making industries make maximum use of this product. We always believe in high quality and timely delivery to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Food Grade Jute Bags

We provide Food Grade Jute Bags. They are Hydrocarbon free Hessian/Jute Bags treated with Vegetable Oil and are used by various Agro-based Indistries to pack various food grade products. The Hydrocarbon free Food Grade Jute Bags can be customized as per buyer’s requirement.

Our Hydrocarbon Free bags meet international standards.

In manufacturing of Food Grade Jute Bags, “Vegetable based Oil” is used in place of “Mineral based Oil”. Mineral Based Oil is used in traditional jute bags.

These food-grade bags are hence protected against contamination of Hydrocarbon as well as devoid of Kerosene type odour.


We manufacture Jute Geo-Textiles customised as per Buyer's requirement.

Jute unique physical attributes have new avenues in light of global concerns for the environment and JUTE GEO-TEXTILE is one of them. It is highly effective in addressing soil-related problems in field of Civil Engineering like:

  • Slope Management
  • River Bank Protection
  • Road Construction
  • Stability of embankment
  • Prevention of Railway track Subsidence
  • Consolidation of Soft Soil
  • Control of surface soil detachment

It also prevents growth of vegetation as Bio-Engineering Support by:

  • Acting as moisture receptor.
  • Dissipating kinetic energy of raindrop
  • Improving micro-climatic conditions and enhancing organic matter level.

Bleached / Odourless Fabrics

We are one of the largest and having state of the art technology to manufacture various Jute decorative fabrics available in bleached as well as natural. It is mainly used for Shopping bags, Rice bags and other end purposes. Being natural and environmental friendly, wide demand in domestic market & abroad.

  • Width: 30” onwards
  • Weight: As per buyer’s specification
  • Packing: Bales & Rolls as per requirement