Welcome to Naihati Jute Mills

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. was established in the year 1905. Its manufacturing unit is situated at Hazinagar, Dist 24 Parganas (North) on the bank of the river Hooghly in West Bengal (INDIA). Having corporate entity of a Public Limited Company, its registered office is situated at 7, Hare Street, 4th Floor, Kolkata-700001 (INDIA).

With vast experience and dedication for more than 8 decades, the company has became one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of jute products in India.

It was taken over by the Bhagat family in the year 1958 and being run for more than 6 decades under the leadership of Mr. J.K.Bhagat who is “Chairman cum Managing Director” of the Company. Mr. Bhagat has vast industrial experience and associated with various philanthropic organisations.

The Company has developed unique range of both “Traditional” and “Diversified” jute products with a production capacity of 115 MT per day. Regular programme of expansion and modernisation is constantly undertaken for upgrading its process and product portfolio like manufacturing FOOD GRADE JUTE PRODUCTS (HYDROCARBON FREE) and GEO-TEXTILES.

The Company is committed to continual improvement in its quality, productivity, efficiency and enhancement of customer satisfaction level.

Mission & Vision

To manufacture jute products with mission to spread strong and bio-degradable jute products through all over the world.

To ensure top-notch service and satisfaction towards buyers need of eco-friendly jute products.

To have constant appraisal process on changing market trends and accordingly update our products with mission to serve our buyers needs with respect to timely delivery and quality requirements.

To ensure workmen safety and their welfare and motivate them to achieve their objective.

We feel proud to work with environment friendly reusable jute products and envisioned to become the leader in jute industry and take our company to acme.


Board of Directors

Shri Jugal Kishore Bhagat (Chairman and Managing Director)

Shri Alok Kumar Khastagir (Independent Director)

Shri Shrish Tapuriah

Smt. Nisha Agrawal (Independent Director)

Shri Nirmal Pujara

Sushri Swati Gautam

Key Managerial Personnel

Shri Ravi Bhagat (CEO)

Shri Ashutosh Bhagat (Jt. CEO)

Shri Gopal Prasad Choudhary (Company Secretary)

Shri Kishore Kumar Sontholia (CFO)

Quality Policy

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. is committed to continual improvement of its quality management system through improvement of quality, productivity, efficiency and consumer satisfaction level by active involvement of all the employees.

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. is always concerned about fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

We shall strive to make our workplace environment friendly and safe.

Code of Conduct

Our organisation is driven by ethics and integrity in our day-to-day conduct.

We believe in honest and impartial treatment of every employee, stakeholder, client and vendor.

Customer satisfaction is in top of our priority list.

We are committed to provide healthy environment and safety to employees.

We run on philosophy of winning business solely on the basis of our product merit.

Social Responsibility

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. Limited is a source of direct employment to over 4000 workers and around 200 supervisory and managerial staff.

Where people around the world look at this mammoth workforce as a source of perennial tension and unionized conflict, we believe this is our biggest asset.
In an attempt to give back to our most important stakeholders and to society at large, the company owns and operates the following:

  • Fully equipped management housing for all levels of management staff
  • Staff club and recreation facilities
  • Labour colonies with basic infrastructure viz drainage, sanitation, electricity and water supply for resident as well as migrated workers
  • Playgrounds
  • Dispensary
  • Primary School
  • Sulabh Sauchalaya

In addition to above, we support local clubs/groups and associations in various community development programs, relief work and recreational activities. The company patronizes various charities and NGO’s of local as well as national standing.
At Naihati, we have a second way of looking at social responsibility. We strictly adhere to ethical decision making to strengthen our businesses thereby positively impacting the interests and health of those stakeholders that are outside of the business environment


As member of “Jute Products Development Export Promotion Council (JPDEPC)”, we are supporting to give active push to the initiative required for taking India’s export of Jute Goods to a sustainable higher level.

We are member of “Indian Jute Industries Research Associate (IJIRA)” which is primarily engaged in carrying R & D work to make improvements in Jute Industry through application of Science & Technology.

Also active member of “Indian Jute Mills Association (IJMA)”.