Mission & Vision

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. since its journey started in 1905, always aimed to manufacture and provide buyers needs. Ensuring top notch service to customers and its employers is the number one priority.

We know that every customer has different requirement and we make sure each of our customers requirement is fulfilled on a personalized basis.

More over we are always working on to ensure worker safety and their welfare.

  • Modernization keeping up with technological up-gradation to achieve international standards.


  • Prioritize market products most suited to our customer.


  • Participation of employees motivating them to achieve goals and objectives.

The Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd. mission is to make quality jute products. The company’s research and development team is constantly working on how to improve and ensure world class jute products. 

Most importantly are continuously contributing to the India’s economy by employing labour and providing eco friendly quality jute products to the world’s environment.